Photography is a personal investment into lasting memories for you to cherish forever.


Portraiture: Studio Session

Studio sessions are where I come alive. The majority of my training and education has been in studio sessions. Shooting in a studio allows me to have control over the environment. We never have to worry about the weather or good lighting… Plus, we can jam out to your favorite playlist while we shoot!

Pricing starting at $175 per hour.
*** Pricing includes rental studio charge.


Portraiture: On Location

There’s so many elements that are involved in the equation when shooting on location. The exciting part about it is that it’s never the same! I have several locations that are my go-to, but I’m always open to checking out a location where you’d love to shoot at. My biggest requirement is lighting, so I will always take that into consideration over scenery.

Pricing starting at $125 per hour.


Engagement + Wedding Packages

My wedding style is a mixture of photojournalism and portraiture. I believe wedding photography is about telling a story of love. I consider it a high honor that you would both trust me on such a big day in your lives. From beginning to end, I’ll be there to capture your most precious moments.

Pricing starting at $1,800